Information for Prospective Buyers

Information for Prospective Buyers

Western Shores is a beautiful covenant-controlled community with picturesque properties providing property owners access to a wide range of amenities.

Purchasing property in a community association has many benefits, including deed restrictions that govern the community with which every owner should be familiar. It is a lifestyle choice that should be taken seriously when considering this property purchase option. Just a little preparation can ensure that you make a well-informed decision.

There are four basic characteristics of common interest, planned communities, or Property Owner’s Associations (POA):

  • All owners are automatically members of a community association upon closing on their new property.
  • Governing documents create mutual obligations.
  • Mandatory fees (assessments) are generally required of owners and used for the operation of the association.
  • Owners share a property interest of the association.

What every prospective buyer should know about living in a common-interest community:

  • Your home is governed by rules and regulations which you agree to obey simply by buying a home or lot in the association.
  • Your association is a democracy governed by an elected, volunteer board of directors which must obey and enforce the rules of the association and to keep it in good condition.
  • These rules might limit what you can do with the property and what kind of vehicle you can park.
  • You will have to pay regular fees or assessments to your association. If you don’t pay them, the association may take legal action.
  • The health of your association depends on the participation of its members in its affairs.


In short, the Western Shores Property Owners Association, more commonly known as the POA, exists for two primary purposes – to manage the common areas and to enforce the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s) – as per the legal documents that created the POA. These documents also call for a mandatory committee –Architectural Review Committee (ARC). All new buyers need to understand that they need ARC approval prior to beginning any construction project or improvements to an existing home.

You may review the legal documents of the Western Shores Property Owner’s Association located in the Governing Documents Section.  Please review the Covenants, ARC Guidelines,  By Laws and other Governing Documents.

Your decision to choose Western Shores will be to live in the absolute prestigious master-planned residential community on Kentucky Lake and within the Calloway County School District.

Please enjoy your visit to our website to learn more about Western Shores. We look very forward to having you as our newest neighbor.

The following realtors attended our 2022 realtor open house.  They will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning available property listings.



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Stevens Property Group

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Kopperud Realty

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Kathy Kopperud

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Janette DeWitt

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Bill Kopperud

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1st KY Realty

Mark Fredrick

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Keller Williams

Kimberly Myers

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Grey's Properties

Cathy Mitchell

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Elite Realty

Neena Salazar

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  Micky McCuiston (270) 293-4427