All vehicles will park only in their garages or in the driveways serving their parcels or appropriate spaces or designated areas in which parking may or may not be allowed and then subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the Board may adopt. All commercial vehicles (i.e., those having lettering or logos), tractors, mobile homes, trailers (either with or without wheels), campers, camper trailers, boats and other watercraft, and boat trailers and any unregistered vehicle must be parked entirely within a garage unless otherwise permitted by the Board.

No garage may be altered in such a manner that the number of automobiles, which may reasonably be parked therein after the alteration, is less than the number of automobiles that could have reasonably been parked in the garage as originally constructed. Any such vehicle or recreational equipment parked in violation of these or other regulations contained herein or in the rules and regulations now or hereafter adopted by the Association may be towed by the Association at the sole expense of the owner of such vehicles or recreational equipment for trespass, conversion, or otherwise.

The Association shall not be liable for the towing or any harm or damage that the vehicle may experience as a result of being towed, nor shall the Association be guilty of any criminal act by reason of such towing and neither its removal or failure of the owner to receive any notice of said violation shall be grounds for relief of any kind.

Board modifications to Covenant, Section 8.02 Parking & Garages
The Board, after careful consideration approved the Trailer & Boat Storage Rule noted below:

Each lot owner will be permitted to park two recreational trailers outside of their garage. The trailers must be utility trailers or trailers used for the sole purpose of transportation of recreational equipment such as a boat, watercraft (e.g. Jet Ski, etc.), or an all-terrain vehicle. The recreational equipment must be fully operational and no storage of equipment under repair will be permitted outside the garage. Trailers in violation of these restrictions may be towed per the language in the Covenant, Section 8.02.